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Uralla Mini Vinnies Discuss their 'Friendship Chair'

Today, the Mini Vinnies Team at St Joseph's in Uralla talked about the 'Friendship Chair' that they are painting. It will take pride of place in the playground and will be a visible symbol of inclusion within the school. The chair is designed to be used by kids who, on any given day, don't have anyone to play with. On those days the children will be invited to play with and be included in a group of 'new friends'. The chair will be painted black on one side and white on the other to symbolise difference between us ...but will then be covered with coloured painted hands to represent friendship and inclusion - no matter what our differences are! Very well done team. Great job Kelly Walters (Vinnies Coordinator)!

In the same meeting, we booked our 2016 Commissioning Mass and School Sleep Out, both of which will be held on Friday 24th June. Parents and friends will be invited to a 'dinner of rice' after the Mass, before the children bed down for their sleep out. 

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