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Update - Vinnies Inverell

The Armidale Central Council has set up a refurbishment committee which includes local Vinnies members and volunteers. The committee is meeting weekly to evaluate options for a temporary location that suits the requirements for both welfare services and a shop. 

The committee recently agreed upon a location in Otto Street which will house both the Shop and Conference. The location also allows sorting to continue as well as stocking furniture. 

Whilst there are still some procedures and processes to fulfil the committee are aiming to have the shop and conference open by the 30th September. 

Since the temporary closure of the centre at Oliver Street Care and Support (Welfare) continues to be operable via a temporary centralised number which is at our head office in Armidale 02 5776 0200. 

Once the Society has the new location up and running we will commence with the refurbishment of the Oliver Street centre, with the aim of reopening the new centre as soon as is practicably possible. We appreciate all the support and patience we have been getting from members of the public and volunteers as we work quickly and effectively to reopen our shop and centre. "In the meanwhile, anyone seeking assistance from Vinnies should call 02 5776 0200.

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