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New Conference Building and Shop expansion for Quirindi Vinnies

Monday 20th of June 2016 marked the start of construction of a new Conference building in Quirindi,

as well as a refurbishment and expansion to the current shop on Church Avenue.

The Society's members are volunteers, and usually meet weekly or fortnightly to provide support and a 'hand up' to those in

need in what is termed a 'Conference'. Conference members visit people in their homes and help to find the most

appropriate response to the person's or family's needs. Becoming a volunteer in this role involves being a supportive

listener and may also include providing food or food vouchers, clothing, furniture, budget support, assistance with

utility bills or back to school costs, information and advocacy. A conference can be established within any community

such as a parish, town, suburb, school, university, workplace, ethnic or social group providing they are endorsed by an

appropriate Council within the Society.

This is the first time that the Society has been able to provide a building in Quirindi specifically for conference work

where people can visit in a place that offers support and discretion to talk over their needs and how the Society can

help them. The funding for the new build has come from a bequest made to the society, as well as money provided

from a neighbouring St. Vincent de Paul Diocese at Maitland and Newcastle.

In addition, to the new Conference build which will exist on the ground next to the current shop on Church Avenue,

the shop will also undergo a makeover internally with the provision of a greater space for shopping. The Armidale

Central Council also now restock the shop on a more regular basis providing a greater source of clothes, bric-a-brac

and linen.

The Armidale Diocesan Central Council covers 92,000 square kilometres in the New England, and Northern

Tablelands. It has 19 Shops with multiple conferences meeting regularly in towns from Qurindi in the South, to

Tenterfield in the North, and right out West to places like Narrabri and Walgett.

In 2015 in the State of New South Wales St. Vincent de Paul provided in excess of $21m to people in need, serving

some 408,000 people. There are 414 conferences like the one in Qurindi in the state, and there are over 25,000

members and volunteers that serve them and the shops.

The Diocesan President Rosemary Fisher said "today marks a real milestone for the Society in Quirindi's calendar

with Vinnies. With the commencement of this work the Society will be able to finally open their own Conference

Buildling to increase support for the town and surrounding areas. The members and volunteers have waited 10 years

to see this work start, and finally its here. The work of volunteers in the shops, and our patrons who purchase from

them goes directly towards those who need that all important 'hand-up'. Once the work is complete we hope you will

come and support the efforts of our members, volunteers and staff even more."

The work is expected to take three months to complete. In the meantime the shop at Quirindi remains open.

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