Sam Austrin-Miner

Executive Officer

Sam is the Executive Officer of the Armidale Central Diocesan Council. Sam's background is in Executive Management Consulting. He is also the CEO and Senior Partner of Attentive Consulting Pty Ltd. His role as the Executive Officer is varied and never dull. He works together with the team and the centres to achieve a high and prosperous yield in terms of financial input and quality of goods, happiness of volunteers and staff alike.

Michael O'Kane

Youth Coordinator

Mike is the Diocesan Youth Co-Ordinator for Vinnies in Armidale. His task is three fold –To help school students to be the ‘hands and feet of Christ’ by addressing Social Justice Issues in their school and community; To work with Young Adults through spiritual formation and leadership programs to develop into full adult members who will carry on the work of the society, and to run respite style programs for children who have disrupted home lives. Mike is passionate about his work.

Gary Bennett

Financial Controller

Gary is our Financial Controller. He's been with the Society for a little over three years and comes with experience in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. The role of Financial Controller is very much a back-office one – keeping tabs on the money coming into the Society through our stores and conferences, as well as the money going out through care and support, operational/volunteer expenses and wages. It is a role he relishes as he seeks to ensure value for every dollar received and spent.

Grace Bill

Production Coordinator

Grace is responsible for the production and despatch of all recycling within the Society. As an organisation in this diocese we recycle between 3-50 tonnes of clothing each week. This clothing goes to developing countries overseas as whole garments. Within Grace’s role she manages all aspects of production including quality control, quantity management, and keeping the team of staff, volunteers and work for the dole people well motivated.

Janelle Edgar

Retail Operations Manager

The role of Retail & Production Manager is responsible for overseeing all production, warehousing, and retail shops across the entire diocese. It also includes oversight for all compliance relating to regulations for WH&S, Building Compliance, Volunteer and staff practices relating to shops, conferences, and all other work places.

Jamie Thompson

Logistics Coordinator

Jamie is responsible for organising all the transport logistics across the diocese for donations, deliveries, furniture pickups and son on. We have a number of vans and trucks across the diocese that span the full 92,000 square kilometres with over 1,400 kilometres as a round trip. It’s a complex job managing the schedules which can change on a daily basis.  

Kirsty Single

Retail Compliance Manager

Kirsty fulfils one of the most important staff roles within the diocese. At one level she is the main contact for all volunteers throughout our shops. She manages all the inductions and training for volunteers and work for the dole participants. But she is also responsible for the well being, health and safety of all our personnel (Members, Volunteers and Staff) within the Diocese this remit includes all regulatory compliance throughout the shops and all the Society’s buildings.  

Liz Steele

Assistant Accountant

Liz Steele is responsible for the bookkeeping for the Central Council’s Diocesan Office in Armidale. She manages accounts for all the shops and conference activities centrally including accounts receivables and accounts payables. She reports to the Financial Controller.  

Stella Single

Office Manager

Stella plays an important part in the day to day running of the Central Council Office. Her role is ever changing and no two days are the same. Along with keeping the office going, Stella supports the Management, Retail and Distribution teams as well as currently looking after the admin for all our compliance checks.